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Since 2006 we offer special industrial machines, designed for each customer needs, product or market. Currently we have become a leader in the design and manufacture of process lines. Thanks to our rigorous and careful working method we are able to handle the needs of the production areas with speed, efficiency and solvency.


The market is dynamic and we also have a culture of innovation, which gives us greater ability to anticipate and respond to changes and evolution environment. We are constantly evolving, providing each project with the latest technologies. We work with the best technological partners allowing us to successfully solve a big variety of projects, apart from giving us the flexibility to adapt to the needs of each client.


Our goal is to be a tool for your company, you will only use it when you need it and it does not involve a financial burden when the workload is reduced. GIMAQ as external engineering business will give operational flexibility, a fact that will let you have a more competitive company with lower structural cost, and easy adaptation to the market variations.

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